Age Reversal Companies

The rise of startups and companies focusing on age reversal and longevity is a promising development that has the potential to revolutionize healthcare and improve the quality of life for millions of us.

These companies are leveraging cutting-edge scientific research, advanced technologies, and innovative approaches to develop novel therapeutics and interventions that can delay or even reverse age-related diseases and the aging process itself.

The growing interest and investment in this field is also spurring collaboration among experts from different disciplines, including biotechnology, genomics, artificial intelligence, and medicine, to advance the science and drive breakthroughs.

The emergence of startups and companies in this space also creates new opportunities for entrepreneurship and job creation, and may attract more funding and resources to support research and development in this critical area of healthcare.

Overall, the rise of age reversal and longevity startups and companies holds enormous promise for the future of healthcare and human well-being.

Below is a list of companies researching or working on age reversal solutions.

Company NameKey Focus Area
Altos LabsAge reversal research and development
CalicoAnti-aging research and therapeutics
Google Life SciencesLongevity research and biotech
Unity BiotechnologyDeveloping therapeutics to target senescent cells
Human Longevity Inc.Personalized health and wellness plans using genomic sequencing
Insilico MedicineDrug discovery using artificial intelligence and machine learning
CelgeneDrug discovery for age-related diseases
BlueRock TherapeuticsCell therapy research and development
Life BiosciencesAging and age-related diseases research and development
AlzheonTherapies for neurodegenerative disorders, including Alzheimer’s
NuritasDeveloping natural therapeutics using AI and genomics
Osiris TherapeuticsRegenerative medicine, including cell-based therapies
ElevianDeveloping therapeutics that target GDF11, a protein involved in aging
AgeX TherapeuticsStem cell-based therapies for age-related diseases
AlkahestDeveloping plasma-based therapies for neurodegeneration and aging
NeuralyDeveloping therapies for neurodegenerative diseases
Rejuvenate BioDeveloping gene therapies for age-related diseases
LongevicaDeveloping treatments for aging-related diseases
BioquarkResearch on cellular regeneration and repair
Edifice HealthDeveloping drugs to target age-related diseases
TDx TherapeuticsDeveloping therapeutics to target metabolic dysfunction in aging
Oisín BiotechnologiesDeveloping senotherapeutic therapies for age-related diseases
Shift BioscienceDeveloping therapeutics for age-related diseases
GeroAging research using artificial intelligence
AgelessRxResearch and development of anti-aging therapeutics
Turn.bioGene editing for age-related diseases and regenerative medicine
AdvancellsStem cell research and development for age-related diseases
ROKIT HEALTHCAREBioprinting technology for regenerative medicine and anti-aging
LGTInvesting in anti-aging and longevity research and development
Deep LongevityApplying AI to aging research and drug discovery
Lifespan.ioCrowdfunding platform for anti-aging research and therapies
AmbrosiaBlood plasma transfusions for anti-aging
NewLimitDeveloping senolytic therapies for age-related diseases
Asher LongevityResearch and development of age reversal therapies
SamumedDeveloping small molecule therapies for regenerative medicine

This is list is by no means complete.